Luckey’s Top Ten Black Gay Pornstars!

Here is a list of what I consider to be the 10 best porn stars in the adult entertainment industry. 

These are the men who really do something special, have that extra something, that distinguishes them from the average Joe’s who just manage to get it up enough to collect the paycheck. These guys aren’t just porn models: they’re bona fide porn stars. Of course, the list is not any special order all these men are great in their own right!

10. Hot Rod

Hot Rod is definitely one of the best versatile models in the business right now! A Black Rayne model, while he is known for taking dick and giving it, Hot Rod is also very intelligent and who doesn’t love a man with a big dick and a brain? While he has done a host of great videos, none of them have been able to top the scenes with his real life boyfriend and fellow pornstar Angyl Valentino!

9. Malo Don

Malo Don aka The ‘Bad Gentleman’ won best newcomer and has already made a household name for himself.Malo is a good performer, he isn’t widely advertised like many other porn stars. My favorite scene from him is the ‘dildo scene’ he did for a company that should remain nameless. What I like most about him is that he is VERY flexible! Another favorite scene is the one he did with Sarge, if you haven’t seen it (I am sure I will post it later) you need to check it out! He originally from Miami ( Dade County) and  consider himself (Puerto Rican and Black).

8.)Angyl Valentino

Angyl Valentino is definitely one of the best bottoms in the business. Known for his big dick and his tattoos, Angyl is a walking portrait. As I said before, some of his best scenes have been with his real life love, Hot Rod.He brings a new defintion to bottoming and masculinity to the black gay porn market, as just like Heidi Klum would say ” one day your in and the next your out”. But Valantino is here to stay. In short, the boy can do it all and who doesn’t love it when he begs to be fucked hard and deep?


Known for his baby face looks and school boy swag, Trapboyy is definitely one of my favorites.

Trapboyy is Black Rayne Productions, exclusive bottom  as well as their first exclusive model. I call him ‘the raw bottom porn king’ because he has quickly taken over the gay black raw porn industry in a year’s time. I think that takes time and skill. You gotta love that tenacity and determination. 

Trapboyy recently announced that he will be starting up his own production company, Trapboyy Entertainment. One thing I like about Trapboyy is that he is about his business and he takes his craft seriously. He is also very humble and engage with his fans! 


What can I say about Jovonnie?Jovonnie is one of the best in the business. Known as the boy with the ‘trade boy’ swag and the pretty 11 inch dick, Jovonnie can do it all! Again some of his best scenes have been with his real life partner Citi Bwoy (check out the infamous shower fuck scene!)This young, hung superstar has graced the covers of over a dozen DVDs and won awards or was nominated on about every awards sector out there. 

5.) Remy Mars

Remy Mars has been in the business for a long time and recently announced that he will be retiring from porn. He is  one of the best bottoms in the business. Known for his ability to swallow every inch of the dick and his flexibility. Remy has been in the business for five years (a long time in the gay porn world.) Remy, is a real cool laid back kinda dude is real life…Just a good person at heart…It will be interesting to see what goes on in his life over the next few years!

4.) Dream

This muthafucker is the business period. The thug with a big dick and every bottoms dream! He is known for his enormous dick and the ability to make love to the bussy until it creams! The Dream definitely live up to his name!

3.)Wade Stone

Wade Stone, in my opinion is one of the best raw tops in the porn industry. Known exclusively through, he has already made a name for himself. This dude is definitely my type of top. He could make any man cream on himself. I love his watching his furry bubble butt move as he fuck the shit out of the bottoms. He also takes the dick just as good too! Check out the video here!

2.)Ace Rockwood
Known for his cocky attitude and the ability to fuck you crazy, Ace Rockwood is definitetly one of my favorites. He carries 9 inches of hard dick and knows how to use it! He has done movies in the urban world as well the more mainstream porn circuit and is definitely making a name for himself!

1.)Rock Rockafella

'The Rock' as I like to call him is another veteran in the game to have recently announced that he is retiring from porn.

The star and CEO of Rockafellaz Entertainment said he was planning on leaving the business for some time.

While I love to see him top some booty, I personally like him because of that fat juicy ass of his. Not sure if he is switch player but one can dream.

Rockafella’s career spanned four years, establishing his name among well-known performers including Tiger Tyson, Castro Supreme and more. Definitely sad to see him go!

Honorable Mentions

Ian Rock

Ian Rock is definitely a long time favorite of mines! He definitely reminds you of your best friend’s DILF (Daddy I’d Like to Fuck), the one you had the crush on just as you were getting to grips with being gay. Follow him on twitter @IIAANN3000 and tell him Luckey sent ya!


This hot boy has been in the business for a while and have done a host of movies, some of which are the best in the business. Known for his boyish look, trash talk and the ability to take BIG dicks! A dear friend of mines, I couldn’t make the list without mentioning him!

Kane Rider

Many of you may not know who Kane Rider is but I am sure pretty soon, you will get to know him better. Standing at 5’5 Kane is one of the best up and coming porn stars in the business! This versatile performer is one of the ones to watch out for. A former print model, Kane has work with and  USAJock Studios. This sexy hunk from Raliegh North Carolina is a definition of what you call a ‘cornfed’ brotha who can do all types of naughty tricks, including sucking his own dick while riding. Check out HARD LABOR courtesy of

Ty Lattimore

I love a furry man and Ty Lattimore definitely fits the bill. He has been in the business for a long time and have definitely helped paved the way for black porn models coming up. I was introduce to this sexy hunk when he came out to defend Rapper Lloyd Banks who was accused of being in a ‘gay sextape’. I have been a big fan every since! These days Ty runs his own production company and is still doing movies!


Before Trapboyy and many like him came along, there was Daddy. This DILF is definitely my type of dude. Known to put you in every position imagine. This vocal top will make you beg for the dick! A self proclaimed bisexual, I woudln’t mind a couple of romps with this papi! According to Black Rayne CEO Que, Daddy is planning to do more videos after a taking a break! While I love the others that I have mention, I can’t WAIT to see what Daddy again!

Don’t agree? Tell us who you think should’ve made the list, and why…

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