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He Got That ‘Hey Arnold’ Ass!

So glad he wrapped it up!

He Look Almost Like Lil Scrappy

Except he got a WAY better body.

Almost look like Kanye if you squint.

Show Me Your Boner!

New Music: ‘Boys In Hoodies’ By Scandocious J.r.

New music by the King of Gay Music (The King Of Nasty Music) Scandocious J.r. called ‘Boys In Hoodies’

Wanna Lick My Lollipop?

I wonder how many licks does it take to get to his center?

He Got That Donk!

That jelly cause jam don’t shake like that!

#POLL: Sex Or Cuddling?
The Art Of Edging..

Wish I could do this…

Rapper Chopper City’s Sex Tape!

Wasn’t a big fan of Chopper City back when he was on Diddy’s ‘Making The Band’ and I am still not a fan of him but dude gets it in…

If he never make it in the rap game…

Former Porn-Star Shares His Testimony!

Rizm (Righteous Individualz Zealously Ministering)  Gets Crunk For Jesus. I shared his story a while back after many asked what ever happen to him. He is back with a new video as he shares his testimony about his stint in prison, his dark past among other things.

Post your thoughts below!

Jayne Kennedy and Leon Issac Kennedy Sextape

Before Kim Kardashian & Pamela Anderson, there was Jayne Kennedy! Besides being the first black woman of many endeavors, she was also the first black woman to star in a sex tape. WARNING although the video is kinda grainy (shot in the 70s/80s) the video does get kinda graphic! Some gay moments in the video as well!

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